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Our Impact

Three Alex staff stand next to The Alex Community Health Bus

We are change makers

Because life’s not simple, our solutions rarely come ready-made. And that’s OK. We tailor them to the person before us. The open hearts and creative minds at the Alex see what’s really needed – and invent the solution.

We’re leaders within the health and social service community, and are constantly innovating how we provide health, social and community care. We’re practical, but creative. When faced with challenges, we rarely ask ourselves ‘if’ and instead ask ourselves ‘how.’

Over 10,000 Calgarians walk through our doors each year. Here’s what happens next.

Program impact stories

New Roots Community Market

Community Food Centre

Assisted Self Isolation Site

The Alex COVID response

Chris’ Story

Chris’ Story

Imagine that your body is fighting against you at every turn, calcifying your bones, resulting in crippling headaches, weakness, stiffness of your arms and legs and ongoing abdominal pain. This has always been part of Chris’ life.

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Liza and Tessie’s Story

Liza and Tessie’s Story

Five years ago, Liza and her husband Nathan moved to Calgary from the Philippines. Liza was pregnant at the time and was excited to start a new life with her new family in Canada.

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Jordan’s Story

Jordan’s Story

On an unseasonably hot day in June, Jordan visited The Alex Youth Health Centre. She’d heard about The Alex years ago from a friend, but didn’t know much about it. As she bled from her wrist that afternoon, it was the only place she could think of to go.

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We love to tell our story

We are a passionate team with deep expertise, and we love to share our story with the media.
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Our Theory of Change

We believe that by improving these key five areas, people who face barriers are better able to take control of their lives, achieve their goals, participate fully in all desired aspects of life, and experience improved quality of life.

Improved Physical Health

Improved Financial Stability

Improved Social Support

Improved Mental Health

Improved Housing Stability

“Great people, absolutely non-judgmental, fantastic at communicating information. No question too big or small. I cannot say enough about the wonderful care they have provided my friends and family”

The Alex Community Member

Our vision

The Alex envisions a healthy and caring community where everyone is valued and can thrive.

Our mission

To improve quality of life through accessible and integrated health, housing and social services.

Together, there is nothing but possibility.

We can strengthen our community. We can tackle tough health and social issues, walking alongside people from crisis to wellness and from challenge to change.