how we make a difference

Our Impact

Three Alex staff stand next to The Alex Community Health Bus

Strength in Numbers

The theme of this year’s Annual Report, “Strength in Numbers,” encapsulates our belief that together, we can overcome challenges and create a healthier, more vibrant community for all.

Our Strategic Map

Approved in January 2022 by the Board of Directors, the Strategic Plan creates the path forward for The Alex guided by our Vision, Mission, and Values. The plan identifies five strategic priorities delivered through a community health centre, with an operational approach that prioritizes our commitment to excellence in primary healthcare service delivery to Calgary’s most vulnerable.

We love to tell our story

We are a passionate team with deep expertise, and we love to share our story with the media.
Visit our Media Centre for our archive of news articles and television appearances.

Together, there is nothing but possibility.

We can strengthen our community. We can tackle tough health and social issues, walking alongside people from crisis to wellness and from challenge to change.