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December 17, 2021, CBC Calgary, Fighting inflation on a fixed income: These Calgary residents use faith, friends and a free breakfast

December 10, 2021, Cross Border Podcast, Community Spotlight: The Alex

November 28, 2021, Avenue Magazine, Beyond the Food Bank

November 24, 2021, Calgary Herald,  New partnership with McLeod Law enhances legal supports for The Alex (See Notes section)

October 1, 2021, CTV News, Pasta La Feasta, baby: Calgary’s charity pasta festival runs this month

September 29, 2021, Daily Hive, Pasta La Feasta 2021 returns to Calgary next month

August 21, 2021, Nurses Voices Podcast, Community Health Nursing with Tegan Broadhurst and Alysha Samji (Alex ASIS nurses) 

August 19, CACHC Podcast, Community Matters Podcast with The Alex’s Director of Health Cheryl San Juan

August 19, 2021, CBC Calgary, Calgarians share tips to save money on groceries

June 7, 2021, Livewire Calgary, Calgary’s crisis centers to bolster treatment with new funding

June 4, 2021, CBC Eyeopener, Community Safety Investment Framework

May 20, 2021, Calgary HeraldOpinion: Innovation isn’t about who does what. It’s about what we can get done together

May 17, 2021, Marilyn Denis Show (CTV), International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (segment at 40:00)

May 15, 2021, CTV News, Stuff the Bus Donation Drive (00:07:30 mark)

May 12, 2021, CBC Eyeopener, Stuff the Bus

May 7, 2021, CityNewsDynamic approach is needed for vaccination of homeless population: Advocates

April 20, 2021, CTV News, Inspired Albertan: Joy Bowen-Eyre

March 22, 2021, Global News, Front-line worker in Calgary aims to relieve ‘toxic stress’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

February 16, 2021, Calgary GuardianCharitable Choices: A chat with Joy Bowen-Eyre, CEO of The Alex


December 8, 2020, CTV NewsThe Alex’s Holiday Hope Totes Program aims to support community members in need

December 7, 2020, 660 NewsLocal charity launches program to help communities during COVID-19

December 2, 2020, CTV News$30M cost to reintroduce fluoride to Calgary’s drinking water: City report

December 1, 2020, Avenue Magazine, How Calgary Charities and Non-Profits are Adapting to Survive the Pandemic

November 17, 2020, Calgary HeraldAs holiday season looms, COVID-19 pandemic throws survival of Calgary charities in jeopardy

November 10, 2020, Calgary JournalWinter is coming — leaving many Calgary non-profits out in the cold

October 22, 2020, Calgary HeraldCalgary’s homeless shelters prepare for drop in temperatures and surge of COVID-19 infections

October 21, 2020, Global Calgary, Learn more about The Big Social

October 20, 2020, Global CalgaryCalgary restaurants team up to support The Alex with Pasta La Feasta

October 16, 2020, Avenue Magazine5 Good Things That Happened in Calgary

October 16, 2020, CBC Calgary, Calgary food centre shifts to indoors as winter-like weather hits

October 14, 2020, CTV Calgary, Pasta La Feasta supporting The Alex

October 10. 2020, NarcityCalgary’s Having A Massive Pasta Party This Month & 11 Restaurants Have New Dishes For You

September 11, 2020, Globe and MailCalgary doctor sees COVID-19 threat in lack of cold-weather shelter space for homeless

September 3, 2020, CTV News5 clients test positive: COVID-19 outbreak at Calgary homeless shelter

July 13, 2020, Global News, #ChipinforKids: Amid pandemic, Shaw Charity Classic asks for donations to Alberta charities via text

June 9 2020, U of C Faculty of Nursing, During the age of social distancing and COVID-19, how do you stay at home if you are homeless?

May 20, LivewireCideries, brewer pitch in for courageous new mix to help Alex Community Health

May 8, 2020, Calgary Herald, Staff at Calgary’s only assisted self-isolation site dedicated to making a hotel feel like home

May 5, 2020, City of Calgary, The Alex – responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

April 29, 2020, City of Calgary, Calgary’s Assisted Self-Isolation Site – Calgary Homeless Foundation

April 23, 2020, TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart, Episode 11: Caring for our most vulnerable, with Joy Bowen-Eyre

April 15, 2020, The National Post, COVID-19 isolation hotel for Calgary homeless has first guests, no known cases

April 6, 2020, The Globe and Mail, Calgary establishes isolation spaces for homeless affected by COVID-19 at hotel and Telus Convention Centre

April 6, 2020, LiveWireIsolation rooms set up for Calgary homeless clients with coronavirus 

February 15, 2020, LivewireTwo Wheel View: Bikes the vehicle for social impact in Calgary

January 21, 2020, CBC NewsAlex Community Health Centre debuts its new mobile medical clinic

January 21, 2020, CTV NewsThe Alex and TELUS team up for new community health bus

January 21, 2020, Calgary HeraldNew medical clinic on wheels improves healthcare access at high schools


October 30, 2019, CBC News‘Children are suffering’ as Calgary’s 60+ year fluoride debate drags on, bioethicist says

October 24, 2019, Macleans Magazine, Canada’s best charities 2020

October 15, 2019, CTV Calgary, Pasta La Feasta – Chef Matt Batey speaks about The Alex Community Food Centre

October 15, 2019, Global Calgary, Pasta La Feasta – featuring Geoff Webber of The Alex

October 9, 2019, Western Living Magazine, Why You Should Eat Pasta Nine Times in the Next Two Weeks

October 9, 2019, The YYScenePasta La Feasta festival has Calgary chefs noodling around for the Alex Community Food Centre

September 27, 2019, CBC GEM, Absolutely Canadian Season 19, Episode 39: Breaking Loneliness (documentary feat. Alex Youth Health Centre)

September 22, 2019, CBC CalgaryAlberta youth hospitalized for substance-related concerns at higher rate than average, report finds

August 6, 2019, Avenue Magazine, The Two-Tier Food System

July 3, 2019, CBC Homestretch, ‘I didn’t have to do it alone’: Short films document personal stories of addiction, mental health

June 21, 2019, CTV CalgaryModern and traditional mix to celebrate Indigenous people

May 24, 2019, CBC Eyeopener, Take a walk down Calgary’s International Avenue

May 17, 2019, CBC CalgaryWhy a financially strapped Calgary mother turned down food banks (Audio interview)

February 25, 2019, Star MetroCalgary city council votes to examine research on water fluoridation

February 25, 2019, CBC Calgary, Calgary to study science of fluoride 8 years after removing it from drinking water

February 21, 2019, University of Calgary Faculty of Law, Accurate ID key for personal dignity

January 27, 2019, LiveWire CalgaryBowen Eyre takes reins of Calgary’s Alex Community Health Centre

January 23, 2019, BT Calgary, A taste of the Robbie Burns Bash

January 21, 2019, Eat North,  Calgary’s 3rd annual Robbie Burns Bash to raise funds for The Alex Community Health Centre

January 21, 2019, CTV Morning News, Spotlight on Robbie Burns Bash

January 14, 2019, Star MetroWindsor, Ont. flips back to fluoride — why that’s unlikely to change minds in Calgary

January 11, 2019, Star Metro, As meth use spikes in Calgary, police and addiction experts call for a co-ordinated response

January 10, 2019, Calgary HeraldFormer CBE chair takes over leadership of The Alex Community Health Centre

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