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About The Alex

We work together. We walk together.

For almost 50 years we have served a community facing complex health challenges, including poverty, trauma, financial and housing instability, food insecurity, and a need for social and community inclusion.

Our vision

The Alex envisions a healthy and caring community where everyone is valued and can thrive.

Our mission

To improve quality of life through accessible and integrated health, housing and social services.

Our leadership

Our leadership team and Board of Directors represent a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of almost 400 staff including medical staff, social workers, mental health specialists, peer supporters, educators, community facilitators, and an outstanding support team. As a team we know it takes the combination of our unique skills and expertise to make a difference.

Our story

Since 1973, The Alex has seen the whole story of health. We meet everyone where they are at and treat all people with dignity and respect.  We tackle tough health and social issues and walk alongside people from crisis to wellness and from challenge to change.

Our impact

Because life’s not simple, our solutions rarely come ready-made. And that’s OK. We tailor them to the person before us. The open hearts and creative minds at the Alex see what’s really needed – and invent the solution. We’ve seen the incredible transformation of thousands of lives.

We’re leaders within the health and social service community, and are constantly innovating in our approach to health, social and community care. When faced with challenges, we rarely ask ourselves ‘if’ and instead ask ourselves ‘how.’

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“(The Alex) gave me purpose to be authentically me with no judgment”

The Alex Community Member

Stories of Impact

Jordan’s Story

Jordan’s Story

On an unseasonably hot day in June, Jordan visited The Alex Youth Health Centre. She’d heard about The Alex years ago from a friend, but didn’t know much about it. As she bled from her wrist that afternoon, it was the only place she could think of to go.

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Our Pandemic Year

Our Pandemic Year

Responding to shifting guidelines, overcoming technical hurdles, building new programs, maintaining our areas of strength and ensuring our teams are safe, both physically and emotionally – this has been the drumbeat of the last twelve months at The Alex.

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Social Work at The Alex: Colin’s Story

Social Work at The Alex: Colin’s Story

It was a day like any other day for Colin. He woke up on someone else’s couch, put on the hoodie and jeans he’d been wearing for two weeks, and quietly walked out the front door. It wasn’t unusual for him to go without breakfast, or any meal for that matter.

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Together, there is nothing but possibility.

We can strengthen our community. We can tackle tough health and social issues, walking alongside people from crisis to wellness and from challenge to change.