2022 – 2027

Strategic Map

About the Strategic Plan

Approved in January 2022 by the Board of Directors, the Strategic Plan creates the path forward for The Alex guided by our Vision, Mission, and Values. The plan identifies five strategic priorities delivered through a community health centre*, with an operational approach that prioritizes our commitment to excellence in primary healthcare service delivery to Calgary’s most vulnerable.

Our commitment and EDI statement

We will advance our Strategic Priorities in a manner that furthers the principles of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI), Decolonization, and Indigenization. We will do this by incorporating EDI best practices, implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and adopting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action in the pursuit of our Pillars and our Approach delivery.


The Alex Community Health Centre improves quality of life through accessible and integrated health, housing, and social services.


A healthy and caring community where everyone is valued and can thrive.


We are welcoming.

We care deeply.

We connect.

We promote empowerment.

We are changemakers.

We have grit.

We take responsibility.

Strategic Priorities

Employer of

Team members are supported throughout their work

Financial Sustainability

Resources effectively deployed to meet financial obligations and commitments over the long term

of Choice

Social system change influenced through our work with peer organizations and local communities

Centre of Excellence for Patients and Clients

Carefully selected services and programs responding to challenges experienced by vulnerable populations in our community

Lead Advocate for Integrated CHC Model of Care in Alberta*

Increased commitment to an Integrated Community Health Centre Model of Care through investment of policy makers and community

*The Community Health Centre (CHC) model of care delivers integrated, interdisciplinary services and programs with a focus on healthcare, housing, food security, employment and training, youth services, seniors’ services, and more, in a community-governed, non-profit service model.

Our Approach

Patients & Clients

  • Increased access to primary healthcare, wraparound social, community, housing, food, wellness, and addiction services by working where patients and clients are at with a focus on reducing harms and enhancing recovery
  • Patients and clients engaged in their care

Advocacy & Awareness

  • Improved awareness of impact and social value of Integrated Community Health Centre Model of Care
  • Improved outcomes for patients and clients through policy change


  • Innovative initiatives responding to community needs launched in tandem with peer organizations
  • Partner, funder, and donor awareness of supports for vulnerable populations
  • Respectful and
    reciprocal relationships


  • Welcoming, physically and psychologically safe, clean, and inclusive environment
  • Advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, decolonization, and Indigenization


  • Financially agile organization responsive to change
  • Prioritized core programs and services


  • Data-driven decision making supported by effective management tools
  • Improved asset management and increased capital asset autonomy


  • Sustainable and accessible facilities
  • Effective stewardship of financial assets


  • Healthy, well, and resilient team members
  • Informed, nimble, and adaptable team members