The Alex joins Canada’s Top 100 Charities

Person holding two $20 bills

On a regular basis, charities make appeals for your hard-earned cash. We know it’s challenging to diligently evaluate a charity’s financial health and efficiency before donating, and with so many to choose from, it’s hard to know if your dollars are being used to their highest potential.

That’s why Maclean’s and Charity Intelligence rank the country’s best charities through the Canada’s Best Charities List: Top 100. They’ve done all the work for you, to help you make smarter, more effective decisions about charitable giving. 

We’re thrilled to announce that for the second year in a row, The Alex made the list with an overall score of 90%!

Out of 84,000 charities in Canada, we have been identified as one of the 100 most efficient. This means that when you donate to The Alex, you can trust that every dollar will go towards improving the lives of vulnerable Calgarians through health, housing, social, and community programs and services.

Methodology: Charity Intelligence Canada (CIC) is a research organization that produces standardized financial reports on Canada’s charities, with the goal of ensuring donors can be informed and give intelligently. In the Best Charities report, CIC analyzes financial metrics such as fundraising ratio, charity reserves, compensation, and transparency. See more details on methodology here.

We’re incredibly proud to represent Calgary’s charitable sector nationally, alongside our partners the United Way of Calgary & Area, Calgary Food Bank, Calgary Homeless Foundation, Calgary Drop-In Centre, and more.

We look forward to honouring your investment in Calgary communities by not only continuing our work, but by evaluating and improving on everything we do. Together, our vision of a community of health individuals is within reach.