Medical cannabis in our Community Health Centres

We at the Alex would like to this opportunity to address concerns regarding the use of medical cannabis in our Community Health Centres.

As a Community Health Centre we are committed to providing a comprehensive model of healthcare, giving preventative care in a welcoming, easy to access environment.  We provide primary and supplementary health care and support for Calgary’s most vulnerable. Our clinic has an open door policy, and we do not require proof of income thresholds to access our services.

We believe strongly in a holistic approach to healthcare, and work with our clients to provide support and understanding on their path to wellness.  We hold the position that medical cannabis is without a doubt an effective means of care for many people, and would never dissuade its use in a prescribed format.

However, we are also considerate of all of our clients, including infants in our Breastfeeding clinic, and those with chronic and complex medical conditions, as well as those in recovery from addiction.  To this end, we ask that all of our clients refrain from smoking or vaping cannabinoids, as well as tobacco and e-cigarettes on-site, in our health centres. Our aim is to provide a healthy environment for all Alex clients.

We encourage those who use medical cannabis to use edibles or tinctures as an alternative while they are visiting any of The Alex’s Health Centres, or to follow our guidelines that request smoking or vaping of any substance to occur only outside of our clinics, 7.5 metres from entrances, exits, air intakes, windows or places where large gatherings are taking place.

Our primary goal is to ensure that all of our clients have access to a clean, healthy environment, where each individual’s choice of treatment is recognized and respected.

We are happy to speak further to this matter, and welcome any comments or concerns to be directed to CEO Shelley Heartwell at

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