I need to tell a story.

There are hard days in this work, and you can’t make sense of a loss of a life . No one should die at 22. You start to hate a drug that is taking so many people in our province, start to feel a little hopeless. Then you watch a different kind of miracle take place and light breaks through. We are reminded of how incredible people really are, and how much they want to help. Someone left us too early and a call came into The Alex for help. The family has planned the memorial, and has accessed supports to pay for the actual service being held at a church but they can’t afford or find an available hall for the reception afterwards. Their biggest wish is that the memorial be held at the community hall in Ramsay, because that is where ‘Sarah’ grew up, where her and her family first started coming to The Alex Community Health Centre, and the neighbourhood in Calgary that feels most like home. They want to be able to celebrate her life, share a meal and memories with family and friends. SO this was the call, asking for help. I would love to say that this is the story of The Alex, and it is, we come together to do amazing work, but it is more importantly the story of the community that comes together to support The Alex. We don’t do any of this work alone, and there are so many people that come forward to help us, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. We reached out to a few of our amazing, committed partners who believe and support the work that the Alex does. The response was immediate and unwavering. Judy and I are crying as we try to type this email, our hearts are so full. Two hours after reaching out – we received a text that said “ My friend owns Ramsay hall, it is done and I will reach out on your behalf, less than an hour later we got a call from the man that owns the community hall in Ramsay. He shared with us that he grew up as an altar boy at the church in Inglewood and would walk by The Alex Community Centre every Sunday on his way home. He lives in Ramsay still. He was so moved by what The Alex does and stands for, his exact words were: “Our hall is yours and I will cover all expenses.” Then we started to work on food. How would we cater the reception? I am staring at an email from The Alex Hot Meals ‘Soul Sisters’ that states we have it covered. In less than four hours and in one phone call out this morning, we have more than enough food to host a reception with 100 people. These are the everyday miracles that happen at The Alex, because of the community around us supporting our work. Today, we are incredibly humbled, blessed and honored to have these amazing heroes on our team. Thank you.

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