A thank you.

cheque-300x300For every good, there is bad. For every light, there is darkness. For every day, there is night. There are so many things that happen in a day that bring us from one extreme to another. Yesterday a gentleman walked up to the staff standing outside The Alex Youth Health Centre. He asked if they worked there. When they replied that they did, he handed them an envelope. Without further explanation he left. Inside the envelope were 2 bank drafts. One made out to the Youth Health Centre, one made out to the Family Health Centre. No note, no explanation, no request to be thanked or acknowledged. Just an honest gesture of genuine love and caring. The weight of this donation is not in it’s size financially, but in the value it brings. It is huge in what it will mean to a kid who needs a bus ticket to keep them safe on their journey. It is immense to an individual who needs help purchasing medication to help fix what ails them. And it is massive in helping lift the spirits of the staff who work at The Alex by knowing we are not alone…that there are helpers in our community. Thank you kind soul. Thank you. Thank you for helping to remind us that there is light in the darkness, that there is day after the night, and that no matter how much bad, there is always much, much, much more good. :) Danene Lenstra, Associate Director Youth, Family and Mobile Services

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