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Pathways to Housing

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Pathways to Housing

Pathways to Housing supports chronically homeless individuals who suffer from major mental illnesses or struggle with the justice system. Instead of punishing clients for harmful choices, we give non-judgmental support and address the issues behind those choices. Clients don’t have to be completely sober or clean before they’re accepted into the program.

Like HomeBase, Pathways uses a Housing First model, but differs because it uses Assertive Community Treatment (ACT). ACT is a highly integrated approach to healthcare – clients are supported by an entire team of professionals, including nurses, mental health specialists, justice specialists and substance abuse specialists.

Weekly Support Groups

Pathways to Housing offers several weekly groups to support client needs, including:

  • Illness management and recovery (mental health education and support)
  • Positive attitudes towards healing (substance use and support)
  • Cooking group
  • Computer skills training
  • Vocational/employment assistance
  • Justice walk-in clinic
  • Recreational and social activities


Pathways to Housing has maintained an 87% housing retention rate and has reduced client dependency on emergency medical services and the justice system. To be accepted into the program clients must be:

  • 18 years of age or older,
  • Have a diagnosed significant mental illness, and
  • Have been homeless for at least six months.


To access any housing/case management program in Calgary, please contact the SORCe at 403.428-3300, located at 316 7th Ave SE  to schedule a SPDAT (Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool) and to be placed on a central triage list

For more information please contact us at 403-266-8881 or

For more information about Housing First and Pathways to Housing, click here.

To view the Pathways to Housing Benchmark  Performance Measures for 2015, click here.

To review our annual reports, click the link below:

Pathways to Housing Annual Report 2014-2015

Pathways to Housing Annual Report 2013-2014

Pathways to Housing Annual Report 2012-2013

Pathways to Housing Annual Report 2011-2012



I don’t know what I would have done without Pathways. They are very patient. It’s one of a kind. They’re very concerned – never seen a program like this. — Alex Client

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